Augusta Blueberries

The first 3 open weeks are usually the best and easiest picking. 

Bring your own picking containers, ice cream pails seem to work good.   

​​​​​​​​​​Updated: Weds, Sept 28, 2022

Our 2022 U-Pick season is done!  A big "Thank you" to everyone who
"Picked Us" this year, and 
We hope to see you again

mid-July 2023! 

(A hard freeze on September 28 caused all of the remaining berries to turn mushy)



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What follows below was our COVID protocol last year.  For this year, it's whatever the CDC is currently recommending.
 (2021 protocol) For safety of all, we ask that you wear masks in checkout area, remember to bring one.  If you need a mask they will  be available for $1.00.   Mask in the blueberry patch is optional.  Bring hand sanitizer if you feel you need it.  
 Please adhere to 6 ft social distancing at all times
The scale will be set to deduct the weight of a typical ice cream pail,  so try to use your own ice cream pails.  

 Price will be per pound will be posted here at opening.

 At checkout, please limit people in your group to those needed for checkout process.
 Please keep your children with you at all times to avoid interference with and for the safety of others.

We want this to be a fun safe experience for all. Please be mindful of others.  Stay home if you have been sick or not feeling well.  We look forward to seeing all.  Thanks for “Picking Us”.      We accept cash or check.  Please bring your own pen for writing.

We accept Cash or Check.  Please bring your own pails (i.e. ice cream)

If this page isn't current, CALL FIRST, 612-850-9852.  We're hoping to see you again, or for the first time!


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When ya'gusta have some Blueberries, we hope you'll "Pick Us"

Augusta U-pick Blueberries is located 7 miles east of Augusta Wisconsin, on Highway 12, then east on East Branch Rd.  Go to the end of the "dead end" (one-half mile off Hwy 12). 

Click on directions page for a map.  Call if you have questions   612-850-9852

It's Soooooo Easy when the Berries are Soooooo Big !.